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Latest Sweety Designer Abaya Designs

Abaya is the traditionally Muslim women attire that worn outdoor visiting. The trend of abaya is popular both eastern and western countries. Firstly women worn abaya as a hijab but now they used as a fashion.
There are various styles and designs of sweety abaya. There are Dubai style abaya collections for sweety fashion house. These abaya are draped over shoulder and full body covering. These abaya have more styles for stylish women.

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hijab trends and abaya designs 2016 2017

Every girl have equal rights to look modish and stylish at very gathering and marriage function. When a female has to cover their body, then they have to follow some restrictions and limitations. While other girls who don’t wear these dresses, girls can easily wear any outfit and put on makeup and make best hairdo that make them more modern.So girls, no need to worries,

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stylish abaya and hijab styles 2016 2017

Fashion of Headscarf is considered as an old and outdated, but in new age, it becomes the choice of lots of teenage girls. Ladies which wear abaya are considered most honorable, valuable and prestige women in muslim ladies while moving out for job and other places. Various outfits are available that only provideshijab and abayaand ever try to feel ladies comfortable. The fabric is used according to season, in winter stuff is used which is according to the summer season and in winter warm stuff is used.

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hijab & abaya styles for women 2016 2017

Hijab is common and crucial part in Muslims countries By Muslim women and it is type of veil which cover head, neck and chest. The real meaning of Hijab in Arabic world is “screen or curtain” and it is important part of dressing for Muslim ladies. Million of girls in Muslim society put hijab and abaya as a sign of humility. In every muslim country there are different styles of headscarf that are available, but Arabian consider it as a standard.

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