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turkish dresses for hijab 2017

because three designer avail opportunity to present their collection which include Ria-Miranda, Noni Zakia and Restu Anggraini. Ria-Miranda gives Minang ethnic cultural touch to her collection which hit the runway collection.  Peach grey, pink and icy blue hues are amazingly used to design abaya collection.  Plain hoodi top and barantia skirt featuring outfit grabs attention .pastel peach and light pink hue also used to design floor length abaya with stand collar neck bolero   layering.  It’s true Indonesian cultural outfit.

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Fall street styling with hijab 2017

go back and suddenly comeback and overcome on the fashion hit that time. Fashion is repeated but come again with little modification. 2016 and 17 fashion trends also a mixture of modern and traditional fashion. Modern girls prefer jeans and pant over abaya and maxi skirts as they are comfortable and relaxed in wearing and suitable for advanced and fast life style. Here we bring eye-pleasing hijab permit edgy lifestyle to modern girls.

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hijab outfits for trendy women 2017

It’s modern and advanced era full of innovation and versatility. Trendy girl best know how to step forward to look stylish and indifferent to gain attention and praises.  Hijabs is Islamic head covering attire reflect the modesty and delicacy of Muslim women yet now it become the hottest fashion trend. Muslim and non-Muslim girl adopt hijab as fashion with modern and liberal outfits.

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