Sub standard’: Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 gets fans talking

A video of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 crowning gets fans talking on TikTok.

The Miss Universe Zimbabwe is one of the largest beauty pageantry in the country.

Surprisingly, the show has failed to attract the expected attention compared to other countries.The beauty pageant had been so popular with such high standards.

In 1994, Angeline Musasiwa made all sorts of headlines when she won the Miss Zimbabwe.

It seemed the standards and the quality had not been the same ever since.

Surprisingly, fans are starting to notice it and are getting to question the judges, as seen at the crowning of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023.The video was shared on TikTok, and fans were left with many questions, while some were embarrassed.

They believed that the crowned winner did not deserve it, and some worried about the general standards.

Miss Universe Zimbabwe announced the winner on their Instagram, congratulating the winner.

“After 22 years, Zimbabwe is back! 🇿🇼. Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 is the stunning @brooke_brukjackson 👑 She will now represent Zimbabwe at the 72nd Miss Universe competition on November 18 in El Salvador 😍. Congratulations, queen! ❤️”MISS UNIVERSE ZIMBABWE 2023 CROWNING GETS FANS TALKING
Brooke Bruk-Jackson was crowned the winner of Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023, but many fans disagreed.

Amanda Mpofu was crowned first runArtists like Diamond Musica, Nutty O, Prudence Katomeni, and Takura were present as they entertained the crowd.

Despite such efforts, fans seemed not impressed as they compared the event to South Africa.

Some accepted that South Africa may have better standards and compared the event to Botswana’s and other surrounding countries.ner-up, while Nokutenda Marumbwa was named second runner-up.After Miss Universe Zimbabwe crowning video was shared on TikTok and Instagram, many fans had some views.

“Even Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 is better then @missdivaorg 😂😂😂production and gowns wise .”

“haaw pafeya chaipo Noku ws supposed to win this thing”“OOOH we are still far guys, our standards are still to low, check Miss SA and learn a thing”

“Sub standard, l don’t have much words at all”

“Noku is a special girl❤️❤️❤️she has everything and she definitely did well i stan and restan”

“lam not racist hangu but that white girl didn’t deserve the crown something amiss definitely happened Noku deserved it from the start”