Part of the show? Festival says Makhadzi performance was perfect

South African songstress Makhadzi has been trending online ever since she shared a snippet of her Limpopo performance over the weekend. In the clip, the musician can be seen gliding through a zipline when she suddenly starts flailing her arms and legs. As a result, many trolled her for having what they are calling a failed stunt at the event.



The event organisers have since told local publications that everything was part of her plan and that the zip lining part of the show was executed perfectly fine.If there is one thing about Limpopo songbird Makhadzi, it is that she loves performing and always goes out of her way to make sure her fans get their money’s worth.

This was proven after she had a zip line at one of her recent events and was scene gliding through the crowd.The Royal Heritage Festival organisers have since debunked the claims.

Speaking to Briefly News, the event organisers shared that her zip lining was actually executed perfectly and went exactly as planned.

“Flying Man, the company who operated her entrance rehearsed with her. Her movement was timed for her song “Movie” All part of her performance,” they told the publication.

Meanwhile, social media users have started jokingly comparing the Ghanama hitmaker to US superstar Beyonce Knowles.