South African Amapiano Duo Arrested In Zimbabwe To Perform At 2022 FIFA World Cup

ast of Budweiser and will perform in Qatar from November 30 to December 3.

WATCH| South African Djs TxC Arrested In Zimbabwe

Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke, known as TxC join 250 other creatives at BudX Doha. In a statement, TxC said they were humbled to be signed to the international cast of Budweiser. The duo said this was an acknowledgement for never giving up and said they were looking forward to showcasing amapiano at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The statement by TxC reads:

We are humbled to have been acknowledged for never giving up, and to have the opportunity to show the vibrancy of amapiano at the world’s biggest sporting event! We are passionate about our hustle and excited to bring the spirit of our generation to the world stage. It is such a privilege to be connecting with other global artists and creators in Doha

TxC World Cup 2022
South African Amapiano duo TxC is set to perform during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. (Image Credit: Tarryn on Instagram)

In August this year, Tarryn and Clairise who had come to Zimbabwe to perform at the Yoyo Festival at Alex Sports Club were arrested by the police for breaching a contract.

TxC were allegedly paid R560 000 to perform in Kariba last year in October but failed to perform.

Tarryn and Clairise are said to have sneaked out of Zimbabwe at around 2 am and went back to South Africa without performing despite being paid all their dues. Their accommodation was also reportedly fully paid for.



After reports of their arrest went viral, the duo released a statement giving their side of the story. They alleged that Dj Rimo Jackson failed to honour his side of the contract even though they sent him a contract.

TxC added that they felt unsafe and uncomfortable upon arrival as they stated that Dj Rimo misrepresented the event and did not provide them with any security.

The duo, however, denied being arrested, claiming that they were instead held hostage by Dj Rimo.