Sophie Ndaba responds to claims that she lost her house

Sophie Ndaba is a screen icon who rose to fame for her performance as the glamorous Queen Moroka in the television series Generations.

She is best known for this role. The actress gained media attention after she had a dramatic transformation in her appearance, during which time it was disclosed to her devoted following that she was battling sugar diabetes. After that, it was rumored that the actress had recovered from the setbacks she had experienced with her finances and health, and it was even rumored that she was dating a pastor.


Sophie Ndaba is in danger of having to give up her mansion.
The actress who made headlines was said to have fallen behind on her monthly payments when she was purchasing her property for 2.2 million rand. Because of this, the bank decided to put her home up for auction and then sell it to the general public, which has left her without a place to live. The actress lashed out at a journalist from the Sunday World who covered the item, demanding that the writer check her facts before reporting them.

Below is a video of Sophie Ndaba criticizing a journalist, which you can watch:
In the video, Sophie Ndaba talks about Sunday World and the journalist there named Sphe, whom she refers to as stupid. She addressed the issue and stated that she had sold the house to a property agency and that the shortfall would be between her and her bank. She went on to say that the shortfall would be between her and her bank.

The journalist who had stated that Sophie was sick received a response in which it was stated that the actress was fit as she displayed her physique, and it was asked if she appeared to be sick in any manner. The actress finished by pleading with the media to leave her and her family alone while she attempted to rewrite the story of her life.

Sophie Ndaba received a lot of positive feedback in the comment area of her post for the fact that she addressed the untrue rumors head-on. A lot of people had compassion for the actress and wanted to express their condolences to her and her family for what she was going through.

Another one of Sophie’s mansions has been foreclosed on by the bank.

In 2019, it was reported that the actress had been evicted from her first home because she had fallen behind on her monthly payments for a period of four months. The actress went so far as to admit that she had rented the house to other people who used it as offices, and that these individuals were the ones who had failed to pay her for her home. She owes KLM Setati the sum of R151 178, and the company has filed a lawsuit against her for failing to repay the bill.