Somizi Receives 3 E-wallets From a Stranger, The Amount Shook South Africa!

It is not every day that people get money into their cellphones by surprise. Some believe it is pure luck while others believe it is a return of good deeds one could have done. For Somizi, he took it as a pure mistake that could have caused someone else alot of money.

The South African multi-talented celebrity received 3 messages on Tuesday’s morning and what happened when he opened them surprised him big time. All the SMS’s were E-wallets sent to him. He obviously thought it was realised it was not him and instantly took to twitter to tell South Africans.

The celebrity instantly felt bad for the person who made the mistake and wanted to know exactly how he can help the person get his money back. According to the twitter post, the celebrity received 3 Ewallets that were all worth R3000 each.

This gives out a total of R9000 that a stranger sent to him, and he wants help in trying to locate who that person is. The people in the comment section were instantly surprised by this and wondered if it was real or not. Some wanted him to keep the money for himself.

The Ewallet system from First National bank (FNB) does not allow reversals of any money sent through the service. This is why Somizi wants help from South Africans, he feels that the person who sent the ewallet could have been in desperate need of the money since he did it so many times.

It is obvious that the person didn’t think they made a mistake at first, yet they tried 3 times, not knowing that the number it was being sent to was not really his own. The search for the owner is on.

What is your take on the matter, do you think Somizi should return the money, what ust he do?. Help the person recover their lost money by sharing this article, it could reach him/her.

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