So sad. When AKA and Nelli revealed who said “I Love You” first

South African musician, AKA, and new-bae Nelli Tembe have provided fans with more insight into their relatively private relationship, in their most recent TikTok video. The couple partook in a trending couples quiz, which originally began between Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod, and has quickly spread like wildfire amongst love birds all over the world.

In the AKA-Nelli addition, the pair revealed that it was Mega who initiated the first kiss, sealing the deal with his new lady-love. They also shared that they are at the ‘I love you’ stage of their relationship, despite being confused about who had stated the important three-word sentence first.

AKA agreed with Nelli on almost all questions, sharing that despite being stubborn, Nelli is also the most patient one and is also the better cook. Mega was happy to admit that he is always the first to say sorry when they are in an argument, and was proud at the fact that he is the most romantic – what a gentleman!


Fans were also surprised to find out that AKA is takes the longest to get ready every morning, and also happens to be a morning person.

The rapper joined TikTok mid-August 2020, and out of the three videos shared, Nelli has featured in two of them. The couple have begun to open up about their relationship in recent weeks, after staying tight lipped for several months. Many have speculated that the reason for the secrecy was to avoid drama with AKA’s baby mama, DJ Zinhle. Others have also questioned Nelli’s age, as the 21-year-old is 11 years younger than her boyfriend.