Paramedics Revealed Why They Couldn’t Save Aka’s Fiance’s Life.

The death of Nellie Tembe shocked many people. Many are heartbroken and left people with many questions. Thembe and her Fiance Kirnan Forbes well known as AKA looked happy in their relationship as they were always posting each other on social media and sharing their videos dancing together. One can ask himself what went wrong that pushed the beautiful lady like Nellie who always looked happy to kill herself.

Many people were saying is fake news when it was reported that Aka’s fiance has passed away. Her family and Aka’s family wrote a statement confirming the death of their daughter, daughter in law and sister. Aka and his fiance were seen in the club dancing where Aka was performing a night before the tragic death.

It was reported yesterday that Nelli died at the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town after she fell from the 10th floor of the hotel. Witnesses at the scene said they heard a scream, followed by a “loud does” sound and then a man shouting. And the security guard who was on duty said he thought it was a car crash and went to check and only found a young woman laying on the

The paramedics said they were not able to save Tembe’s life as she had multiple injuries on the head and she was declared deceased on the scene.

Tembe’s story is heartbreaking, She died at the age of 22 a few days after AKA paid Lobola for her.

May her soul rest in peace.