SkeemSaam:Mr Kgomo Is Always On His Son Side Paxton But See What His Going To Do Now

Mr kgomo called the police on his infamous child, Paxton. At long last Mr Kgomo saw that his child is only a miscreant. He understood his child’s terrible way of behaving. Pax has been a terrible force to be reckoned with on different students.






At last Pax will be managed. Atleast Mr Kgomo this time behaved like a parent. Its about time he pay for his activities. Mr Kgomo was appreciating how was treated Magongwa by his step child, presently the tables have turned its dad and child. Pax should be managed in light of the fact that he has transformed turf high into a bazaar. The grade 8 understudies have transformed into convicts as a result of him.

What happened is something to be thankful for on the grounds that his folks overlooked how he treated Magongwa. Much to their dismay that it will return to them

Skeem Saam is showing us exacly what is happening in schools. The difficulties that directors and instructors facr concerning boisterous students. They are additionally showing how a few children who are favored like Paxton figure they can disrupt guidelines and pull off it, thinking hello wont be rebuffed for their improper way of behaving. A few children who come from rich families are like that on the grounds that their folks have opportunity and willpower to teach them.

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