A Man Left Mzansi Talking After He Did This To His Wives In #Mnakwethu Latest Episode

Mzansi ha e reacted to 5he woman in #Mnakwethu After her husband decided to introduce the third wife into into their marriage. For the first time we get to see other cultures going in tv seeking another sister wife in #Mnakwethu. Viewers only thoughts that polygamous marriage is for Zulu most only.

For the first time.we.meey.Pedi episode who are also interested on polygamy. In the latest episode of #Mnakwethu which was held by Musa Mseleku we meet Laura Mphahlele from Limpopo who also need help in introducing his girlfriend to his two wife’s but dies not know how since his scared of the Second wife.






The man worked as the bank manager and he was married to 3 wives but the third one has already left because of the second wife. He said that he has been together with the soon to be girlfriend for 6 months ago when she was selling sandwiches. Musa have noticed that the lady is still young.

#Mnakwethu fans were happy to see that the first wife does not have a real reason t stop him from taking the third wife. The problem is with the second wife who agree to be in a polygamous marriage and refuse her husband to take another wife.

The man cannot stand the challenges in marriage and keeps taking other wives. He said tha he want to grow his family and that he notices there a problems in their marriage and they can’t solve his marital issues.

Second wife of Mphahlele has shows fans and viewers has shown big of a hypocrite a person can be. She expected the first wife to underst and and accept she but don’t want to accept the third woman.