SkeemSaam:Jacobeth Flew Off The Handle With Her Girl And Advised Her To Take Off From Her Home

Jacobeth is worn out on her girl guiding Mr Kganyago in her home. Lizzy is finding it hard to have Mr Kganyago in the house, for that reason she advised him to get his very own position.

Mr Kganyago could have done without the thought and he informed Jacobeth concerning what Lizzy said. .She lets Lizzy know that she is mature enough to have her own opportunity away from her mom.




I concur with Jacobeth that Lizzy isn’t old, however throwing her out on the grounds that now she has a man it is excessively. In the event that Jacobeth needed Lizzy out she would have done it quite some time ago, yet presently it implies she is picking Mr Kganyago over her own little girl once more. She will lament this choice.

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