Dineo Ranaka gets dragged on social media from the same person on Twitter

Chris Excel continues to mock Dineo Ranaka. Kaya FM hosts with Solphenduka, and she has made it clear that she will find Chris Excel before the end of the year and be real with him for the comments he made on Twitter. Chris Excel made a reminder about what Dineo had pleaded: that she would be on a mission to get him. But then she was fired and had to deal with being unemployed. She then got her current job at Kaya, where it had been a new show but building, and that must have been her focus the entire time.






Chris Excel continued with the same comment he made about Dineo and her three children. People have warned Chris Excel about it, and it would have been something tapped into by Dineo and possibly deciding to let it go. Remember DJ Sbu, when he wanted to deal with Musa Khuwula after he was accused of stealing from Zahara, he decided to let it go. Maybe that is what she did with the other thoughts.

Chris Excel is someone who does not like having to interact with other people without being provocative to them. People are following him because the comments he makes are hard for other people to accept, and because he tweets controversial comments on a daily basis. He is not someone you will want to take online because it will not be as possible to win.

Samke, who is famously known from Onlyfans, got into a Twitter fight with him. She won the first round, and Chris Evans came back with a win. Their Samke was pretending that she was going well based on the things that were said about her and her family. She took to Twitter to let everyone know that she was going through a tough time. She also announced her retirement from OnlyFans. No, she is in Another Show, which is about being part of OnlyFans.

Dineo Ranaka must finally deliver on her promise, or it will not happen, as much as Chris Excel said she will not find him. At the moment, it is only known that he is from Gerbeqha, but his current location is not known. That is why he does not post about a place where it will reveal his pattern of living. He would be located based on which places he likes to visit and how often he visits them. He does not share his life on social media widely, and that is why he said it will not happen to become found.