SkeemSaam| Mr Kgomo turns Melita down because he is a married man

Yesterday it wasn’t the case though…

Mr Kgomo tells Melita to leave him alone because he is a married man. Mr Kgomo loves and respects his wife, he would not cross her like that. Will he honor his promise to his wife that he will always be faithful to her?


Mr Kgomo yesterday showed different emotions and feelings while Melita tried to seduce him at the hospital. Melita will not stop doing this unless Mr Kgomo ensures her that her job is safe. If Melita had real feelings for Mr Kgomo she would not stop but because she is doing this because of her job, then she will stop if Mr Kgomo tells her.

This side of Melita has never been seen by the viewers and these kind of storyline happen in real life. Hopefully people will learn from her because it is important, Melita is playing perfectly on the screen.