SkeemSaam| Pretty went back to Lehasa to save him as an inspiring Lawyer

Pretty did not waste time by staying in Turf knowing that her man is behind bars because of Khwezi. The drama between Khwezi and Lehasa will not end soon, because Khwezi wants to get all the money that belongs to Lehasa just because she has a baby with him.







I think now that Pretty is back, advocate Bopape should hire her to work with Leeto on Lehasa’s case. Pretty still cares a lot for Lehasa and she will make sure that she gets out of jail. Pretty is the best woman for Lehasa.

Lehasa is going to be happy to see Pretty that she is back and hopefully she is back for good. Pretty needs to make up her mind on what she really wants, whether it’s a man or a degree. Once she graduates from university, she is going to be Lehasa’s lawyer.