Sithelo Shozi dumped for making unreasonable demands

Sithelo Shozi, Andile Mpisane’s mother, doesn’t seem to have a problem getting rich men, but keeping them around seems to be a problem for the social media influencers. She was recently dumped by Ekurhuleni, her most recent wealthy and well-known blessing.


Not a Surprise to High Life Sithelo and Mpisane, with whom she has two children, divorced in December 2021 from the son of multimillionaire businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize. Flo, the first child the couple had together, was born a year after they started dating. Coco, their second child, came later, just before the couple split up. Andile, chairman of Royal AM football club, gave Sithelo a posh BMW before their 2021 breakup, which he later demanded back.

The man, who has two daughters and is married, was nominated for the 2022 CFO Awards for his work at a Gauteng metro. He was also in a relationship with Cyan Boujee, a DJ and social media influencer, in addition to being romantically involved with Sithelo. In September of last year, Boujee stated on MacG’s “Podcastand Chill” that the man was “blessing” her with at least R50,000 per month.


It is alleged that the man dumped Sithelo after she requested a mansion instead of an apartment in Midrand. Sithelo’s close friend claims that she even deleted her personal Instagram account following the breakup. Similar to how he bought Boujee a Mini Cooper, he also bought her a new vehicle. She now spends the majority of her time at home in Durban, according to the source, to unwind while she plans her next move.

An irritated Sithelo responded that she owed no one an explanation for her life when she was asked for her opinion. When asked why she had suddenly found herself in Durban, she responded, “I can’t believe I picked up my call to listen to these stupid questions. Who are you please leave me alone, I don’t have time for this nonsense.” She says, “I’m from Durban, and I live in Durban,” and then hangs up the phone.