She did not see it is coming: Baby Cele opens up about her divorce

The day of their wedding was idyllic. Baby Cele and Thabo Maloka, who is now her ex-husband, wed in 2017, but in 2019 they had a traditional wedding ceremony in her home in Umlazi, Durban. Umembeso, a traditional isiZulu ceremony that is part of the lobola negotiations, was first hosted by the couple. Before the wedding, the groom gives the bride’s family and parents various gifts, like blankets. The couple then had a white wedding, attended by stars Khaya Dladla, Nompilo Maphumulo, and Dawn Thandeka King, to celebrate this rite of passage.

In a recent interview with Lungelo KM on the YouTube channel Engineer Your Life, the mother of two revealed that she and her businessman husband have been apart for a long time and that she has long since recovered. She discussed openly moving on from a previous divorce, her calling to be a sangoma, polygamy, acting, and couch casting. She declares, “I will be speaking about something that people don’t know about for the first time.” I no longer have a marriage. Two years ago, I ended my marriage. Baby says, “I clap my hands for anyone married to a person who has a relationship with someone with a spiritual calling,” as she talks about how her sangoma calling contributed to her divorce. Either they are brave or the ancestors chose them. She went on to describe the difficulties of being in a relationship as a sangoma, including dream visions and sensations.


Despite having been married and divorced multiple times, Baby does not disclose the number of times she has been divorced. She jokingly remarks, “This is not my first divorce. But that’s beside the point.” I believed this to be the one; We shared similar interests, shared laughter, and he adored people like me. However, what might go wrong? I had no intention of getting married. Even pray about it. I would pray even if something hurt me. Nevertheless, it took place. Baby asserts that, as a traditional healer, God and her ancestors control the future. Nothing can harm me since I learned that and accepted it. Everything that happened was planned, when I think back.