Sindi Dlathu Age, Family And HIV Status

Sindi dlathu is south Africa’s best actresses and most people love her even off-screen. She has a good personality and we fell in love with her while she was on Muvhango on Sabc 2 soapie where she was nomthandazo or thandaza Buthelezi married to mukwevho family. She stayed on Muvhango for more than ten years. Sindi is very private about her life and you will never hear any drama about her.sindi dlathu

Sindi dlathu was born on January 4th, 1974 in Meadowlands

 and is married to Okielant Nkosi, I never knew he is married. She has two kids with her husband.Sindi Dlathu husband and family

Not much information available about Sindi’s family, Sindi, however, is one Mzansi’s celebs Sindi Dlathu is currently married to Okielant Nkosi, they have two children, and however, she keeps a secret cover on her family and private family. To this day, her children and husband have never been written about in the media.

Nothing much we know about her parents. What we know is that she has an older twin sister named Zanele Sangweni. The sister is married to Matome Meela, a local businessman who owns a pawn shop and sells used cars in Soweto.

HIV Status

Many South Africa has concluded that Sindi Dlathu is HIV positive, because of her acting Role in Soul City. She was portrayed as an HIV positive patient and perhaps that’s why many think she is HIV positive in real life. The truth is the actress is not positive but negative.

We have seen her in a lot of movies where she was featured including Sarafina and you won’t belie believe she won a competition for minimicing at the age of fifteen.

Sindi doesn’t grow old and is always looking young and vibrant than ever, she is 47 this year as she was born in 1974.

Sindi is one person who has a twin sister zanele sangweni and married to a businessman

Sindi dlathu’s career goes back to twelve years old and gained mentorship from Mahotela queens. Muvhango helped her grow a lot in the industry and she became loved by many and a lot of doors opened for her.

People have been talking about her status all this time i

In Muvhango, Sindi was given the role of Nomthandazo “Thandaza” Buthelezi. Being the expert actress that she is, her role on Muvhango grew over the years from a minor character to one of the main characters on the soapie. Her role in the play has also helped her build her fame. Her decision to leave Muvhango was not an easy one. Sindi had spent so many years on the soapie and she had gained so much fame through it. Though she explained how she knew it was time to move on from Muvango

At the River

Her performances on The River have not gone unnoticed. Splays Lindiwe Dikana, a diamond mining magnate who is in the ownership of a diamond found in Cullinan. The diamond is apparently worth millions of Rands. Lindiwe is smart, a woman who thinks on her feet and will go to any lengths to defend herself and her family.

When we watched The River first season we were immediately drawn to the show.  Sindi caught our attention as Lindiwe when she tried to bury Tumi (who is her biological daughter on the show, but she didn’t know at that time) alive. Lindiwe will do anything to get rid of anyone that wants to get in her way.