“Should change her name to Jealous Mazwai” Ntsiki Not Catching A Break As Fans Continue To Bash Her

If the is one thing that Ntsiki Mazwai fails to do is stay out of social media’s mouth. If she is not going back and forth debating with someone, she is bashing someone else, a fellow celebrity, a random person, literally anyone can be on the receiving end of the artists opinion and judgments.

A few of the times social media users agree with her, like when she spoke about how black/African people were disrespecting their own and mocking their own when the “reality” show Izangoma Zodumo aired.

When Bonang Matheba made her announcement about her wine BNG being available in cans now. Bonang Matheba announced this through a launch where she had invited some of her celebrity friends and influencers.

The artist posted via twitter “Jc le roux recently launched champagne in a can…”. Fans were not here for this and feel that Ntsiki is a jealous human being. They had this to say:

@majuba posted “She never gets tired of criticizing”

@lebronal “And what is it that she ever achieved in her life”

@ismile_laughter “Should change her name to Jealous Mazwai”