She is just 4 year old and she is a slay queen on social media

Social media is met for everybody but only few people have really seen the opportunity to use it to their own advantage, I mean making money from it and all others. It not just by posting or uploading videos, it depends on the content and quality, including what you can do, like the comedians you see on social media.

Let go straight to the point, this little girl you are seeing in the photo below is making it through the internet.

This young girl Instagram account is actually managed by her mother who help her in her outfit and upload the beautiful pictures of the young girl and her brother, due to their dressing style they got lot of recognition on social media having over 800, 000 followers, The 4 year old girl’s name is Ariella.

They received a lot of popularity on Instagram with over 800,000 followers, seeing how awesome they were and their outfits.


For Diaz Pineda ‘s party in the US on 24 December 2015, Ariella and her twin Alessandro brotherhood were conceived. Ariella’s mates are from Honduras and North Carolina.


For starters, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, Ariella, at the age of four, had shut down arrangements and worn ornaments and accessories by top designers.

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