See Chats:”Bushiri Used Me! I want To Come Back Home” Cries A Woman Who Disowned Her Family

“I Thought I was serving the almighty, Please Forgive me”.

Shepherd Bushiri has been trending and all for the wrong reasons but his followers have been behind him, and supporting him since day one as they believe that he is an innocent man who does good for people hence the devil is working against him.

There have been a lot of alligations made by a lot of people who believe that he is noting but a fake prophet who has managed to brainwash his followers into believing that he is this great man who has supernatural powers to perform shocking miracles.

Although many have been warned not to trust and believe everything Shepherd Bushiri tells them, it seems like it’s falling in deaf ears as thousands have vowed to always support and believe in him and they will never stop popping out money so that the church can grow.

A woman regrets the day she ever attended the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church as she believes that her life was turned upside down by believing in the church more than her family which reprimanded her more than once to stay away from the church.

The woman began to change months after going to the church.she would fight with her family who told her to stop giving so much money at the church but she didn’t listen instead she disowned them and went to look for a place of her own back in 2018.

The family decided to distance themselves from her and let her be. She would post pictures of Bushiri and his wife, caption them ” Mommy and Daddy, I will always believe in you.” And according to the family she once gave the church R 10 000 and believe that she paid more than that through out the years.

See what she used to write on her whatsapp statuses before asking for forgiveness from her sister :

Now she wants to come home as she is broke and have realised that his prayers didn’t help her instead they made her bankrupt. She blames the church for everything that she has been through including disowning her family.

Below see her message to her older sister.