Black Coffee’s Wife Loses Divorce Case After Demanding Millions

She wanted R131 000 monthly for her maintanance, R160 000 for her children’s maintanance, R17800 for her beauty cosmetics and another R30 000 for groceries. She also demanded that Black Coffee pays for her medical bills as she is currently suffering from depression due to the publicized divorce.

According to, the judge has dismissed Mbali’s case due to her demands not being reasonable despite her claims that Black Coffee earns R100 million per annum and can afford to take care of her demands and that her husband or former husband rather introduced her to the lavish lifestyle that she has gotten used to.

In the verdict on Wednesday, the judge said that Enhle Mbali can only get R50 000 child maintanance and R15 000 for spousal maintanance. Her case was dismissed with costs.