Scandal:Will Dintle Nyathi At Any Point Get A Break?

This is the consuming inquiry all the rage after Dintle (Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong) accidentally wedded the dad she never knew on’s soapie Embarrassment!

After a progression of terrible connections, Dintle at long last found her perfect partner in gorgeous, mature rich person, Reggie Pheko (Makhaola Ndebele), who is her little girl Khanyi’s craft educator.





Dintle has never had it simple. Subsequent to losing her first love, Quinton Nyathi, to an oddity mishap, Dintle was brought together with her tragically missing girl Motshabi. Furthermore, out of the blue it, love came her direction too.

Yet, Reggie’s child Karabo was never going to let “gold digger” Dintle screw with his legacy. He made a special effort to safeguard his dad’s riches.

After an occurrence with Motshabi, Karabo adjusted his perspective on Dintle and chose to give two or three his approval.

In any case, the unforeseen happened when Dintle’s missing mother Salamina chose to respect her sister’s encouragement to go to her little girl’s wedding.

Salamnina was stunned when she understood Dintle had recently gotten hitched to somebody from quite a while ago – her girl’s dad.

Aficionados of the show are broken over Dintle’s fantasy being so fleeting.

The following are a portion of the responses.

@NontokozoMashel stated: “So Reginald is Dintle’s dad. Karabo is her more youthful sibling, not step child? Furthermore, karabo is Motshabi’s uncle. Yifilm #etvScandal #Dintle.”

@loratomakatong remarked: “I adored the Dintle and Reggie storyline. How they depicted the romantic tale, from how it began, the heartbreaks and show to the cheerfully ever later. I was never prepared for the Unexpected development #etvScandal.”

I adored the Dintle and Reggie storyline. How they depicted the romantic tale, from how it began, the heart breaks and show to the cheerfully ever later.

FentseM said: “Reginald Pheko being Dintles father is the most incredibly despicable thing they’ve done to Dintle, offer the young lady a reprieve

“In the event that you’re raised by a solitary parent and don’t have a clue about the opposite side of your family, there’s likewise a chance of dating your kin without you knowing.This is all a calamity #etvScandal.”

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