Seoke Has Sadly Passed Away In A Hospital

Moremi, a mother, verified the death of another mother, Eva Seoke, who tragically passed away during a hospital delivery, and she paid her homage in a heartfelt tweet.



She went as far as to say that becoming pregnant and giving birth are dangerous endeavors from which few survive.

I pray that her husband and family find peace; she witnessed her entire funeral and was obviously devastated by her death.

What this husband and their son must be going through is beyond my ability to comprehend. Truthfully, it breaks my heart to think that such a young spirit could be taken from us in such a way.

Sometimes God’s will hurts, and I pray for peace for her lovely spirit. I pray for the newborn’s mother’s eternal peace since I know it won’t be easy for the child to grow up without her.

Mom cried when she heard the news of Seoke’s dying.