#Scandal people are not happy with the new Seipati and here is why

Nolo Seabi is a South African TV Presenter and actress popular for her role on Isithembiso and currently playing Seipati on Scandal! Her storyline is relatable to most women and she executes It flawlessly.

Seipati stole a lot of people’s hearts when she started her role on Scandal as Tebello mom. The reason why people loved her so much is because she is down to earth, respectful and a very shy person. Seipati left Tebello her son with her mom after she gave birth to him to look after him, but after Seipati’s mother passed away, Seipati had to step in and be the mother to Tebello.

At first things didn’t go well for the both of them as they had to adjust to the situation as Seipati is a single mother and she was not working. But with the help of Lerumo they managed to get to their feet. But they had to face another changer when a guy by the name of Bohang who played the evil cop came to the picture and messed up Tebello and Seipati’s life when he started abusing seipati and Tebello and made sure that he sends Lerumo out of the country because he had more power than him. He even framed Neo and put him in jail.

But Seipati being the sweetest person things haa taken a huge turn. Seipati has changed a lot, first of all seipati was not an alcohol drinker, she didn’t have friends and she didnt please anyone but she lived to please her som son only. Now she has changed, seipati drinks alcohol she has new friends and out of all this things she’s doing she’s not doing them because she wants to, but she’s doing them because she wants to please people.

And people are not please with the way they have changed seipati’s character as they feel that she is too much.