Scandal Actor “Chumani” Ayanda Daweti Injured


Scandal actor Ayanda Daweti seemed to have been in an accident.

The talented actor who portrays the role of Chumani Siseko-Xaba took it to his Instagram letting his followers what he is currently dealing with.The young actor uploaded a number of his pictures alongside his bicycle and captioned it “Injury to one…”. The pictures shows a bloody elbow of the actor, it’s easy to see that he got injured and from the pictures uploaded it seems as if he sustained the injuries while riding his bike.

As much as it’s not a life threatening injury we wish him a speedy recovery. Ayanda has had a very busy year, whilst many know him as an actor on the eTV soapie Scandal.He has his own clothing label Tuckshop Bafanas, he has been pushing his brand on social media. A number of his colleagues have been seen rocking his label, showing support to their costar.

He is also a studio recording artist, those who follow him have heard snippets of his songs. Ayanda seems to be a jack of all trades, we wouldn’t be surprised if one day he decides to become a director.