RIP to another Legend Angie Diale from Please Step in

Mzansi has lost another Legend this woman spoke senses and was very passionate about helping people and bringing families together on her show that was called Please step in on mzansi magic.

It was a show where doctors and psychologist step in to help families who have collective issues or challenges and try to resolve the conflict amongst the family members.This show has helped alot of many South African families all because of her,Mam Angie needs to be celebrated as she was capable of bringing people together,Many south Africans are shattered because of her death as we have lost a great soul and someone who had a good heart and was passionate by bringing people together,Where as some families cannot resolve their issues as a family and this ends up tearing families apart but with her intervention has helped many people,and thanks to her hard work and the love of helping other people has brought many South Africans together