Rip: Siyabonga Zubane has passed away , Gomora actor Sdumo suicide

Gomora actor Sdumo “Siyabonga Zubane’s passes away after committing suicide. #RIP

He plays car hijacker and criminal Sdumo in the Mzansi Magic TV series Gomora, a man who will do anything for a quick buck.

Sdumo sold his soul to the car kidnapping syndicate, the famous and feared gangster in the town of Alexandra.

In real life, actor and performance artist Siyabonga Zubane (23) is humble and it’s all about working hard and doing what she loves to earn a living.

Siyabonga’s first TV role was in the Mzansi Magic drama Isibaya, which was later shelved.

“Isibaya introduced me in 2017, where I played the role of Bhungezi. It was a one-day role, but I did it from experience,” he told Drum.

“I wanted to see and understand what I was getting into and experience the real world of acting, not just the audition room, and that experience got me where I am today,” he added. “I don’t even know how much it cost and the agency took it. It’s not that important to me because it’s just about gaining experience.”

Siyabonga was born in the town of Alexandra, where the TV series is filmed every day, and understands the language and culture of her town.

A love of art spread throughout his family. Siyabonga’s younger brother Thabiso Zubane sang Tap and Clap the Choir for Bana Bama Afrika.

“Now he works in a restaurant,” he said.

He said his family left Alexandra when he was seven and he moved to the Tambisa community where he lived until fifth grade, then they moved back to Alexandra.

In the middle he drove back and forth

Alexandra and Tambisa with his family.

“But I ended up living with my grandmother and uncle until I went to university in central Pretoria.”

Siyabonga majored in performing arts and dance at Tshwane University of Technology.

He believed that he was born for art.

“I have loved art since I was a child. I studied theatre arts in high school before going to college. However, with my love, talent and talent, I still have to walk the same path as all actors and performers, I have to be like the first Audition for each role the same time,” he said.

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Siyabonga wants him to go to law school to better understand contracts.

“But I don’t regret it,” he said.

Breaking into show business was not easy, but he still believes he has a long way to go and more lessons to learn.

“My original plan was to study acting; but by the time I arrived at TUT, the academy was no longer able to accept students. I had to choose any teacher on the arts campus, and that’s how I ended up studying dance. But I have absolutely no regrets because it Made me versatile,” he said.

For three years, his tuition was funded by the National Student Financial Assistance Scheme (NSFAS), but he was fully funded only in the first year.

“The NSFAS decision for the second year is to fund housing only,” he said. The second year was even worse.

“It was a very frustrating period for me. I was in and out of the office. But eventually I accepted the fact that I only got money for food from them. I struggled until my third year. That’s where I really went wrong. time,” he said.

“At first I couldn’t see my annual score from the registration question because I owed over R20,000 and was required to pay half.

“I was locked out of the shelter. Life was tough and I saw that I had to get out slowly, so I basically dropped out of school, in a nutshell.”

Siyabonga still wants to go back to college.

“When you’re on screen, people think you have a lot of money. Kuya Mangaza, acting is a passion, it’s not about money,” he said.