RIP: Principal Mokone sadly passed away after he was seen doing this

I guess it’s true when they say always make sure when you spend your day with loved ones, you spend it wisely because you never know what might happen tomorrow. Death is painful, the painful thing about death is that no one knows when it will happen, because one moment the person is alive and happy the next thing they are no more.

There’s nothing painful like spending the day with someone and hearing later that the person has passed away, meaning the person you spend the day laughing with, you will not see them anymore ever again.

People were left heartbroken after hearing about the passing of Principal Mokone, who they were with this past weekend at the groove. Below is what was shared with sadness to learn about the passing away of Principal Mokone fresh from a successful Gender Switch event he hosted at Golden Lifestyle this past Saturday. It was an honor to host Gender Switch organized by Principal Mokone. The event was a success and we had gr8 plans to have more events with Mokone, needless did we know it was his very last event? Rest in Peace Principal, u rocked Golden Lifestyle and left a mark in our hearts and mind. Condolences to Mokone’s friends and family!!.RIP Mr. Gender Switch!! RiP Principal!




The painful thing about this whole thing is that people were with him having fun. Little did they know that was the last time they see him, they will never see him ever again.

Someone even commented saying It shows that people are going through the worst inside. This is sad news indeed. Rip Mokone.

This post will teach people the importance of loving people in their lives because tomorrow is not promised, those who were with him at least