Following the tragic passing of AKA, his bodyguard has finally spoken out about the incident

Following the tragic passing of AKA, his bodyguard has finally spoken out about the incident

On February 10th, the music industry was shaken to its core when South African rapper, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, was brutally murdered outside Wish Restaurant in Durban.

The incident also resulted in the death of Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, a celebrity chef and author.




The two gunmen involved in the shooting opened fire in plain sight of CCTV cameras, causing widespread public outrage and mourning.

Recently, in an exclusive interview with Annika Larsen on the eTV show My Guest Tonight, AKA’s longtime bodyguard, Anwar “Dogg” Khan, opened up about that fateful night and what occurred in his absence.

Dogg, who is the owner of the Pentagon Group bodyguard service, has been providing security to AKA for the past eight years during his visits to Durban.
VIP Security in Protecting Celebrity, AKA

However, during his final visit to the city, Dogg had already committed to providing security for US rapper Abbas “Bas” Hamad, who was also in South Africa at the time. As a result, he assigned one of his employees to protect AKA.

In his interview with Larsen, Dogg revealed that there were no plans for AKA to go to Florida Road that night, and had he been present, he would have prevented him from going.

Breached Protocol: Events Leading up to AKA’s Murder

Dogg explained that 90% of their work involves planning and strategizing to reduce threats. Part of their job is to restrict movement and ensure that the artist remains safe at all times.

In his absence, protocol was breached, and AKA was called and invited to go to Florida Road, which he accepted.

Dogg emphasized that had he been there, protocol would not have been breached, as the road manager would have received the call instead.
AKA’s Bodyguard Reveals Details About the Late Rapper’s Security Threats

AKA had been receiving threats leading up to his untimely death, according to Dogg. He also shared this information during an interview with the Sunday Times a week after the shooting.

The late artist had reportedly been hearing about the threats shortly after the death of his fiancée, Anele “Nelli” Tembe, in April 2021. Anele tragically fell to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel on Loop street while the couple was together.

Dogg refused to elaborate on the nature of the threats but confirmed that they always came from the same source. He also revealed that AKA did not have any issues with other musicians or women and was not involved in any drug deals. His insurance and record label deals were also in place.

AKA’s tragic death has left a deep void in the music industry, and the revelations from his bodyguard, Dogg, have shed some light on the events leading up to that fateful night. It is a stark reminder that, despite the fame a