RIP: Lance Reddick has died at the age of 60.

Death be not proud, death has taken another celebrity. We are in three months of the year 2023, and already we have lost many celebrities. Not long ago we recently bury AKA, Tebello Tibz Motsoane, Vusi Ma R5, Gloria Bosman and many more. With three months. Today we come to learn about the death of another actor who have been one of the best in acting.




The country is currently mourning the death of actor Lance Reddick, who died at the age of 60. Lance Reddick is known as one of the best actors, best known for starring the leading the character of Cedric Daniels. His death is left many in shock. His fans and followers still cannot believe that death took his away.

His death was reported on Friday softer, the announcement was made by his family. His family have asked for privacy during thus hard time as they continue to mourn the death of their loved ones.

Lance Reddick is another celebrity who have been in the industry for many years. He has been seen acting in few shows before his passing. He played the role of Phillip Broyles in the movie called Fringe. He also leads the character of Chief Irvin Irving in another series known as the Bosch.

The actor will be remembered by his family, friends, colleagues and the people who know him in the entertainment industry. May his soul continues to rest in peace