” Happy Human Rights Day” Lynn Forbes grieves AKA

It has been more than a month since award winning musician Kiernan Forbes was brutally murdered outside a popular restaurant on Florida road in Durban. The rapper was shot in the head and died instantly. His good friend Tebello Motsoane was also murdered. Justice has not been served yet as their killers have not been caught. AKA was laid to rest on the 18th of february in Johannesburg. His fans and loved one’s are really battling to come to terms with his death.


AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes posted a picture of herself at AKA’s grave and captioned it ” Happy Human Rights Day” She grieves her beloved son everyday but has to be strong for her family especially her granddaughter Kairo Forbes. AKA was a multi award winning musician who touched many lives. He will always be remembered through his music, may his soul rest peacefully. Follow me for more content.