Remember Sesethu the young girl who went viral see how she looks like today.

Just a few years ago there was a viral video of a young mzansi girl by the name of Sesethu cayla zikhona.A leaked video of the young girl was all around the country the video had explicit content .After the video was leaked by her bf as the rumours said her mother killed herself which was not easy for the poor young girl to handle.

Sesethu took to social media and on instagram she said “im just trying to be strong and move on ” .Many people commented on the post the young girl left,And gave words of comfort support and encouragement not even a single person condemned the poor girl .

Sesethu was 14 years old then when the video was leaked and a woman who goes by the name Criselda actually got to speak to her and her mom .

Criselda says that every social media platform was a hoax the real sesethu had no phone but shot the video using her friends phone.

The young girl was under the influence of drugs which led her to make that video the blame is on the drugs .

in the image above you can see how the young girl has grown up to be a gorgeous woman .

The reason for this article is not to shame the poor girl but to let people know that the true story is that she was under drug influence and shot that video which later got into the hands of her cousin who eneded up leaking the video that destroyed the poor girls life .she was ashamed to go to school after the video was everywhere how sad it is that a very young girl was being judged by grown ups for a small mistake.we are happy to see that she has grown to be a beautiful woman and obviously strong to have endured all that pressure and criticism

may we learn to not judge people for their actions because we may not really know why they are doing it ,yes we should not support bad actions but let’s not humiliate or embarrass one another in order for the world to be a better place for all of us