Mzansi left speechless after ‘Stocko lady’ revealed how much she charges per gig, see here

KwaMhlqnga born and bread, Adriana Katt who touched the hearts of many people on social media after her video went viral, is now living her best life and aje is enjoying every moment of it.

The five ladies who started the #JohnVuligate challenge on social media had many people joinong them, and the have been getting paraises since last week. The girls were also interviewed by a few radio stations as they wanted to know more about them and how is the life of fame treating them.

That was not the ended of their journey as a few days ago they went for to do the John Vul’gate official music video which will be out very soon. The ladies have also been getting a huge following on twitter and Instagram, as their fans want to know what they are up to.

However Arianna recenty left people speechless after she said a price list how much she charges per gig. Tweeps when not happiy with her price rates, as they said she was charging too much. Some even reminded her that she has only been in the entertainment industry for two minutes and she charging so much already, is she Bushiri?

Ariann found herself being slammed again as sh was recently slammed for doing the music video, wearing the same outfit as tweeps said why didn’t she change the outfit and they also thought the video was boring because there were too many people involved, and fans only wanted the video to be done by Stocko girls only.