Remember late Menzi Ngubane? Check out how his family have been since he passed away

Many people are devastated by the death of Menzi Ngubane, particularly his family. He was 56 when he passed away from a stroke and was buried in his own yard in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, where he lived with his wife and children. He was an accomplished actor, businessman, and motivational speaker in addition to his work in the entertainment industry. Because of his horrible acting reputation, Ngubane isn’t very successful outside of soap operas that feature weapons and/or gang violence.




According to the wife, despite his romantic impulses, her husband always put her needs ahead of his own desires for attention or physical affection. Everyone knew Ngubane was bashful on top of his job duties, thus this came as a shock to no one. Her romantic gesture of purchasing the high-end car she’d been eyeing impressed him. That colorful Kagiso wedding was also a fond memory for her. In 2018, close friends, colleagues, and family members gathered for a South African-style party. When it comes to caring for his children, Ngubane has the responsibility of being a father figure to both Sika and Zianda.

See what life has been like for his family following Menzi Ngubane’s passing.