Remember Glen Majozi from Generations? See what happened to him

Glen Majozi, the smooth playboy, was a fixture on Generations and couldn’t be missed by viewers. The actor who portrayed Glen in the movie is none other than Roderick Jaftha.

For this seasoned performer, life has been a mixed bag. Twitter users have speculated that this man is an alcoholic and/or a drug user due to the effects of aging on his body. These claims first surfaced when he made his television comeback in the role of gang boss in Rhythm City.




Everyone knows him as Glen, the married guy who cheated on his wife Vivian Majozi with Karabo Moroka (Connie Ferguson) (Faye Peters). His course changed after that. In fact, he was a consultant director for Star-Maseko Sat’s Ties and directed two SABC Afrikaans programmes.

In an interview with Zalebs, he denied ever having alcohol or drug problems. Because he had been out of work for three years, he had gotten sad and had lost a lot of weight.

Rhythm City was gracious enough to offer him another shot when he was at his lowest. He just gained some weight but otherwise seems healthy.