Musa Khawula exposes Mihlali Ndamase

South African actress and media personality Mihlali Ndamase recently took to her social media page to post a picture of herself in a hospital, holding flowers in a wheelchair, and of course, everyone was wondering what was wrong with her. However, Mihlali said that she was not going to get into details of what really happened.

“Thank you so much for the lovely messages and well wishes. I am fine my loves, I won’t be getting into details of what happened, but, I thank God I am back home now in the care of my family and focusing on recovery”, wrote Mihlali.


Musa Khawula on the other hand has another different story as to what really happened to Mihlali Ndamase. He posted the same picture that Mihlali posted while she was in the hospital and he said, “Mihlali Ndamase reveals that she’s broken her leg. Turns out she fell at her house that she shares with her married boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe”.