Recent Photos Of Ntando Duma Has Amazed Mzansi

With Ntando’s statement of regret, SA was not intrigued. Entertainer and TV moderator Ntando Duma conveyed a sorry assertion after she was delayed Twitter and chastised for inconsiderate conduct.











Not dazzled by the expression of remorse of Ntando

A Twitter subject asked who is SA’s impolite festival and many individuals started to make reference to, among numerous others, Ntando Duma, Zenande Mfenyane and Pearl Thusi.

An old Ntando video affronts a woman when she censures her for leaving on a debilitated vehicle leave, which has been on Twitter from that point forward.

In the video, Ntando states she had a concurrence with the shop she went to, and that she allowed her to stop in it.

For this maxim, Tweeps got down on her and she was brutal and impolite.

Ntando expressed she comprehended her activities to be inacceptable, saying ‘sorry’ for the video. She recommended the matter may have been exceptional taken care of.

Aside from all the show that is as of now flowing via web-based media about her, one thing we would all be able to settle on is that she is so excellent and all around fabricated.