Mzansi wants the celebrity to deliver her product in person just like Zodwa.

Sonia Mbele took some good news to the public about her new business of water where in she manufactures it abd delivers to the public. The brand is Alkamax:Supercharged water with speed, the brand is a first black owned South African company that deals with the manufacturing of water and distribution, she has been telling the public on how her water is good and how its healthy and it has some nutritional qualities.





Sonia Mbele is a South African actress that has been seen in a lot os television screen but her well known soapie is generation the legacy. Where she was well known as Ntombi and has a husband called Sibusiso and Christina as her house help.

Here is a poster of her advertising her product on Twitter here is a poster as she explains what her water does and what’s so special about it from the rest.

On one comment on twitter they want her to do deliveries herself so that they can buy her product its more of a way of them trying to see her because on one comment one asked if you she will be doing the deliveries?. She hasn’t replied yet to the comment but some believe that she should just like how Zodwa does it with her egg business she delivers the egg herself to her customers. That seems to work for her and now twitter wants her to deliver too her water products when they order in person.

Twitter also added that they hope its her own brand but not just the face because black people are being used to promote white owned businesses.

Here are some few pictures of her product and herself on the picture Sonia Mbele.