READ: A slay queen exposed a Well known celebrity.

Mona Lucia Pounds, a cosmetics craftsman with NTV Uganda has uncovered telephone talks of a celebrated picture taker, Nelly Salvatore.

In the telephone screen captures, the slayqueen is begging Nelly Salvatore to give her a photoshoot given her restricted spending plan. In synopsis, she says she is poor and can’t manage the cost of the maximum.

Anyway Nelly says there is a way they can go to an understanding. That path is by having a hot evening of no surprises sex. At that point she will have all the photographs she wants on the planet.

Mona at that point discloses to Nelly that she would consider it.

Presently the genuine story is that Mona’s sweetheart arrived on these talks and so as to move away from it, she chose to uncover Nelly. “I really think Mona and Nelly previously engaged in sexual relations. She simply utilized the visits to keep her relationship. What’s more, attempt to show her genuinely stacked beau that she is faithful,” a companion lets us know.

“You think sex is actually a serious deal to Kampala slayqueens? Particularly to a cosmetics craftsman who needed a photoshoot. You dumbfounded columnists dont know my Mona or you think the Pounds in her name is for holding space?” a dear companion additionally clarified.

Nelly Salvatore is yet to give his side of the story. Be that as it may, we will hold on to perceive what emerges from i