“Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 and never said ‘I am sorry or return our gold: Joshua Maphonga

“Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 years and never said ‘I am sorry’, never restored or returned the stolen goods, and wealth across the world. Her track record of thuggery stretches from India, Carribean & Afrika. Her very city was built by slaves. The red carpet she likes walking on is the blood of our ancestors. Our Kings did not die in Peace, they are not resting in peace, neither should she rest in peace until justice is done.”


~Maponga Joshua III

What this guy has said about Queen Elizabeth is very true. Though it does matter at the moment because she’s dead. There’s no point in trying to paint the names of those that have gone with a black colour. There’s no point in holding grudges with the dead or those that have already passed in this world.

White supremacy will always be the god of the Africans. Africans worship whites, very few Africans have got the brains that are awakened. Very few see the mentality that they need to be free, but it is a mentality that can take a very deep teaching for Africans to change. Atleast white people have build something for us, unlike our black people, they steal from their fellow and leave us with nothing.