People are surprised after Gogo Skhotheni claims that ghosts drive trucks when truck drivers are tired.

A number of people in South Africa, particularly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, have been impacted severely by the events that have taken place over the past few days.

This is as a result of the numerous incidents that have occurred on the roads, which have resulted in the deaths of a great number of innocent people. The first accident occurred when a truck and a van that was carrying children home from school were involved in a collision. Unfortunately, each and every one of those youngsters did not survive. Then, a second catastrophe occurred, this time involving a truck that lost control and crashed onto the street.





A second collision occurred place at the same location as the first one, which involved a speeding car and a truck, and it caused a significant amount of damage. The collision luckily only resulted in two injuries being sustained by humans.

It is not the first time that trucks have been involved in road accidents, particularly on the well-known road in the Kwazulu-Natal province. This is something that residents who live nearby would have talked about in the past, and they have also let the Minister of Transport know so that the road can be fixed and can be used safely by motorists, but unfortunately, they will not listen to it, and this has resulted in a significant number of lives being lost.

People have the impression that there is some sort of evil spirit lingering around that road as a result of the numerous accidents that have been taking place there. These accidents involve trucks almost every week. Gogo Skhotheni is a well-known traditional healer who also stars in her own reality TV show.

As a result of the public’s exposure to her in the show, they have developed a variety of divisive viewpoints regarding her. Gogo Skhotheni is also very active on social media, particularly Facebook, where he updates frequently.

A recent remark that she made on Facebook concerning truck drivers caused a lot of people to be surprised. In her post, Gogo Skhotheni discussed when the topic of ghosts that drive trucks will be discussed because drivers are getting tired of driving. She said that the reason for this will be because drivers are exhausted.

She went on to claim that the majority of truck drivers travel to Sangomas so that they can have some sort of spiritual figure that will drive the truck when they are fatigued, which is the reason why there are so many accidents on the road.

According to Gogo Skhotheni, some grandmothers practice witchcraft by enlisting the help of their grandchildren.

Many individuals, especially in African society, believe in witchcraft because of the beliefs underlying African mysticism. Ancestral gifts enable certain individuals to perceive realities that the rest of us miss, and to aid others who struggle with psychic disorders that mainstream medicine cannot diagnose. Since African spirituality was once looked down upon, those who do understand it work tirelessly to dispel the stereotypes and help others learn about it.

Traditional healers, also called sangomas in South Africa, play an important role in African spirituality. These people were given special abilities by their ancestors that they were supposed to use to help others, but some of them have instead turned to destructive means. There is both good and evil within African spirituality; the evil being the practice of witchcraft by those who would rather see the world destroyed than help it.

Many people have personal experiences with witchcraft and can attest to its existence; these folks are the ones who talk most authoritatively about it. Good traditional healers always come out to speak about these things, but most people don’t trust them when they describe their encounters with witchcraft.

Gogo Skhotheni is one of the most famous traditional healers in the world because to her own reality program that chronicles her professional and personal development as a healer.

Gogo Skhotheni frequently makes bold, conversation-starting postings to her social media accounts. Once again, she said something along the lines of, “When are people going to talk about grandmothers who use their granddaughters for witchcraft at night?”

She elaborated that the children whose grandparents do witchcraft on their behalf are constantly exhausted. They are accustomed to carrying out such horrible acts in the name of their grandparents, who they see as more trustworthy than their own innocent little charges. This particular group of grandchildren is especially dear to Grandma. The children either don’t understand what’s occurring or, if they do, treat it like a bad dream when they describe it.
Traditional healers band together to fight against witchcraft

The Customary Healers Association is about to reach a high point in its history very soon.

People have expressed their dismay that their education is being mocked on unscripted television, which has reportedly upset them.

The spokesman of the association, Zanele Mazibuko, stated that they need to take measures to prevent fake sangoma from making the effects of black magic look like something that is common.

Zanele stated that the association strongly condemns many VIPs or performers who use the training to generate misleading content in order to make money.

She mentioned that they attempted to make a request against a certain sangoma and acquired all of the necessary marks; nevertheless, nothing happened at any point in time.

In spite of this, they are not going to let this deter them from their mission to educate people about the importance of ancient healing methods.

Zanele said: “”This is deteriorating particularly with the expanding of fake traditional healers who keep on exploiting weak individuals from our networks who prefer elective regular medication to western medication,” said Zanele. “Watching different traditional healers on unscripted television shows feels like a major smack in the face.”

She stated that people are feeling overwhelmed as a result of the increasing number of shows of this type. whose true objectives are not easy to decipher.

“This is the reason why any person who can act can without much of a stretch of the imagination be a sangoma only for distinction and for making content so that they can get compensated,” she said. “This is the motivation behind why any individual that can act can without much of a stretch of the imagination be a sangoma only for distinction and for making

“The thing that worries me the most is the fact that viewers of these broadcasts put any stock at all in this hoax.” Our people group is unable to differentiate between fantasy and actuality in their minds. These performances are causing real traditional healers and conventional healers to be confused with one another and, as a result, valued in very similar ways.”

Zanele was clear to emphasize that the association will handle the management of traditional healers on an individual basis.

The President of the Conventional Healers Association, Gogo Sthembiso Nene, made the following statement: “As older people in this area, we have continually endeavored to pass down evident convictions, data, methodology, discipline, and the genuine necessity of being a conventional healer.”

“To become a traditional healer is in no way a joke or a game. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A true and significant gift that comes with a number of responsibilities requires discipline.”

She emphasized that charming people are not people who are in the process of recovering.

“There have been reports of witches as far back as recorded history goes. There is not a single family, tribe, nation, or country from where it originates “…she stated.

“If they want to call themselves witches, they should say so instead of calling themselves conventional healers or traditional healers,” she advised them.