Pretty Left Disappointed After Lehasa Did This To Khwezi But See What Will Happen

For somebody who is pregnant, Khwezi’s circumstance is truly miserable. This is precisely exact thing a few ladies are encountering, in actuality, circumstances. There isn’t anything more troublesome and distressing for a lady like being pregnant with a kid yet the dad in adoration with another person.

Tragically in actuality there are many single hopeful mother. Ladies who were left by the spouses and sweethearts they trusted would stay close by when they declared their unexpected pregnancy. Unfortunately this kind of ladies experience a terrible excursion to life as a parent.





Confronting both the breakdown of your affection relationship as well as expecting a child are two huge things to encounter simultaneously.

With respect to Khwezi she is continuously skeeming so things turn out well for her. Presently she persuaded her uncle to help her. She has a method for controlling individuals for things to turn out well for her.

Khwezi is excessively frantic for Lehasa to wed her and Lehasa adores Pretty. Lehasa is resolute that he will not wed Khwezi however will just compensation harms for the child.

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