Popular Amapiano maker and John Wick hitmaker Sir Trill claims to be broke.

Popular Amapiano maker and John Wick hitmaker Sir Trill claims to be broke.

He revealed the disturbing information in a series of tweets and added that this was harming his mental health.


It’s mentally draining and exhausting. I’ve received a lot of hits, but no money. I’m drained. I’ve never been a talkative or overtly vulnerable artist. I recognize that some of you will find this humorous. But it drains you physically and mentally. Why do we put in so much effort? he asked in a post.

In a subsequent tweet, he reportedly continued, “I should have dropped a project for you last year.” Consider this. I should have dropped, but I didn’t. Ni***s were attempting to prevent me. I put you guys first. Without you, Sir Trill is nothing. I appreciate everyone who sincerely believes in me. My last tweet will probably be this one. Watch as they attempt to halt this initiative right away.

Given Maseko, his manager, claimed that Sir Trill had been whining about not receiving his royalties from the Daily Sun.

However, this occurred in the past, and he was without a corporation at the time. However, we were able to resolve the issue because most people who featured him did not give him their money. His birthday was on Tuesday, and everything went smoothly. We assumed that everything was alright because he didn’t display any signs of distress. Given stated, “When we saw the tweets, we were all astonished.” Please follow my page for more of the latest news. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with us after reading this article.