Bonnie Mbuli Complains About Buying 1Kg For R240 In America

Mzansi actress craves pap in oversea country and was surprised to see how much it cost.

Actress Bonnie Mbuli, who was born in Mzansi, recently tweeted on social media that she misses Mzansi food.




She complained on Twitter, claiming that getting her hands on South African goods cost her a fortune.

People’s reactions to the post were mixed, with some suggesting that she simply return home.

While Bonnie Mbuli is away from home, she longs for traditional Mzansi food.

IOL claims that the Mzansi actress left for the US in 2022 after being offered a role in the upcoming drama series The Driver.

Bonnie spoke on Twitter about how difficult it is to purchase South African goods online owing to their exorbitant prices.

Her official Twitter account ” @ Bonnie Muli ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

And captioned it “Now a person is buying 1kg of Iwisa maize meal for R240 on Amazon