Photos: Auntie Boss Actress Married At 41 In A Simple Wedding More blessings

Eve D’Souza, Auntie Boss Actress and creator, has married the love of her life Simon Anderson in what seems like a very simple wedding.

Eve, who is now 41 years old, was engaged to Anderson last year in another simple proposal on a beach in India after dating him for a couple of years.

Eve and Simon

It’s not hard to understand why Eve waited for this moment for such a long time and is glad she has found her true other half. 
It hasn’t been easy for her.
In a 2018 interview, Eve confessed that being raped in 2005 by two men who carjacked her changed and forced her to avoid relationships.
“I honestly can say it’s made me a stronger and more determined woman, but it showed me first-hand that nothing is put in your path that you’re not strong enough to handle,” she stated.
“I went for one counseling session but I didn’t go back. It wasn’t for me. I instead dived into work and radio was my therapy. It took me longer to get past the attack this way. It happened in 2005 but I didn’t fully feel healed until around 2014.”
Last year however while announcing Anderson popped the question, Eve had a lot to say, alerting her fans she’s getting the ring soon with a beautiful message on how the universe pulled them together. 
“The entire universe conspired to help us find each other and it was truly worth the wait. Once in a lifetime, you meet someone special who changes everything,” she said.

Eve announced her new status on social media by simply captioning: “Married 16.10.2020 ❤❤”