Generations Actress Letoya Makhene Gets Engaged To Lover Lebo In Romantic Proposal

Letoya Makhene Gets Engaged To Lover Lebo In Romantic Proposal

Bottoms up everyone, this is not a drill, Letoya Makhene’s partner Lebo Keswa has put a ring on it!

Lebo popped the question to Letoya on Saturday morning and late evening friends and families of the couple gathered at Houghton hotel to celebrate with them.

Letoya Makhene was clearly ecstatic and said Lebo is everything she needs

“We won’t say we don’t have our ups and downs because that’s what every relationship has but what I like is that our love conquers all.”

“When we started with this relationship, we got a lot of criticism but we’ve learned to live with them.”

When Letoya Makhene announced that she was involved with another woman, she was dragged over  hot coals by a lot of people who didn’t understand how she went from being in relationships with  men only to move on with a woman.

The actress however held her head high and was unapologetic.

Letoya highlighted that her father Blondie Makhene had given them his blessing and that’s all that matters.

“Lebo makes me happy. She has taught me to see value in my life. I’ve been through a lot in the past and that broke me but being with her has made me whole again.”

Lebo in turn said Letoya is everything she’s ever dreamed off and more, before telling her I love youLetoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa

Letoya said Lebo surprised her with a hot air balloon flight. Upon their landing there was a Will You Marry Me banner on the ground.