Pearl Thusi Left Mzansi Happy After She Shows Off Pictures Of Her Beautiful Adopted Daughter

Nothing is more heart warming when a granddaughter tells you she loves you to the moon and back. This is the kind of appreciation that the South African actress and media personality Pearl Thusi has been getting from her adopted daughter. Many people does not know that The actress have adopted daughter who has been her pillar of strength for many years.








It’s not the first time that the media personality have to send heartfelt messages to her stepdaughter. Pearl Thusi has always been open when it it comes to her daughter Okuhlekonke.

Pearl Thusi left all her fans in tears when she remembered the journey and she took to raise the young girl Okuhlekonke. She was seen in tears after seeing went to social media with their old pictures. Pearl Thusi has remembered how much she has fond remarkable relationship since day one with her little girl.

Pearl Thusi has left her fans jealous when she posted those pictures with the little girl. She went to her Instagram page where she explained all those pictures. Apparently she can captured each every pictures she put in her Instagram page.

Pearl Thusi have posted their first picture when she officially took the child and go to stay with them. She said that it was the time when they were about to board the plane and to start on a new journey together. On the second pictures she explained that it’s the picture they took together and she also remembered her fist day at school.

Many people were left in love with the actress for doing a great work in raising the young kids. It’s not many times we see celebrities taking care of kids that they are not related with. Many fans and View has been saying that God needs to rewards her.