15 Years Of Marriage, Steve Harvey And Wife Still Serve Us With Love And Fashion Goals.

Not everyone finds their soulmate but Steve Harvey was 3rd time lucky and seems to have finally found his match.

Steve Harvey has been divorced twice in the past; at first, it looked like he was the problem, but now that he has been with his current wife, Marjorie Harvey for 15 years…we can tell that she is the one he’s been looking for all along.









Steve Harvey is famously known as a comedian, Television host, producer, and actor and has been famous since 1985 until now. Currently, Steve Harvey is 64 years old and Is a father to 7 children, 5 of them are his biological children from his previous marriages and 2 of them are adopted by him from his current wife, Marjorie.

Recently this year, the celebrity couple started trending after a video of them was posted on social media, the pair were seen by fans dressed in glam and serving us with major fashion goals.

And also from his daytime TV show, ‘Family Feuds’, Steve Harvey and his wife are always dressed to impress and when you look at their lovey-dovey pictures, they still look like they are very much still in love.
Here Are More Pictures Of Steve Harvey And His Wife Serving Us With Love And Fashion Goals After 15 Years Of Marriage: