One of Imbewu actors is in trouble due to owing R100k

Many Mzansi celebrities are going through financial problems and their debts are continuing to be revealed.

Phindile Gwala-Ngandu is a South African media personality known for being an actress. She is popular known from Muvhango whereby she played the role of Nonny who was a receptionist for Five years. Gwala-Ngandu is not only an actress but also a business woman owing businesses such as a Shisanyama and Car Wash with her husband. Phindile has also appeared on Mzansi shows such as Uzalo and Imbewu whereby she currently plays the role of Fikile.

Gwala-Ngandu is in trouble as she owes R100k for electricity. She has been informed before to pay but failed to do so and now Bramley Mews Body Corporate took her bill and the High Court made a judgement regarding the R100k that she owes.

City Press speaking about the judgement made by High Court regarding Phindile Gwala-Ngandu owing R100k said, “The Johanna High Court has ordered actress Phindile Gwala-Ngandu to settle an electricity and utilities bill worth over R100 000 or have her apartment disconnected from using power”.

There’s no problem in having a debt as things now are not going well for many including celebrities. However, when one has problems and unable to pay debts then the person must atleast communicate with the company so that they don’t take it far to courts.

Phindile is wrong as she was atleast supposed to communicate with them or make arrangements on how much she can afford to settle her electricity bill. If she took that route,it was gonna be for her and she was not even gonna be taken to Court as she would have explained her challenges regarding payments.

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